coating for blades
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Summary:coating for blades
A coating tool formed by coating one or more layers of a high-hardness, wear-resistant metal or non-metallic compound film (such as TiAlN, TiC, TiN, Al2O3, etc.) on a relatively soft tool substrate is a cutting tool A revolution in development. Compared with uncoated tools, coated tools have obvious advantages: significantly reduce the friction coefficient, improve the tribological properties and chip removal ability of the tool surface; significantly improve the wear resistance and impact toughness, and improve the cutting of the tool. Performance, improve machining efficiency and tool life; improve the surface oxidation resistance of the tool, enable the tool to withstand higher cutting heat, improve cutting speed and machining efficiency, and expand the application range of dry cutting. In advanced manufacturing, more than 80% of carbide tools and high-performance high-speed steel tools use surface coating technology, while more than 90% of the cutting tools used on CNC machines are coated tools.

Since its inception, tool coating technology has played an increasingly important role in the improvement of tool technology and processing technology, and has become a symbol of modern tools. The coated tool is obtained by coating a thin layer of high-wear refractory metal compound on a tough hard carbide substrate or a high-speed steel substrate, which greatly changes the tool performance. Commonly used coating materials are TiC, TiN, Al2O3, etc., wherein TiC has higher hardness than TiN and better wear resistance. For cemented carbides, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is generally used, and the deposition temperature is 1000 °C. For high-speed steel tools, physical vapor deposition (PVD) is generally used, and the deposition temperature is about 500 °C. As the coating process matures and evolves, from the beginning of a single coating, to the development of a new stage of multi-component, multi-layer, gradient, nano-coating.
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