Job:Prodution Engineers
Work experience:More than 3 year
Jobs introduced
l Press the orders do production planning, reasonable arrangements resources, reduce manufacturing costs and improve productivity;
l responsible for production scheduling plan, develop, follow up and implementation arrangements, publishing and tracking progress in the implementation of the production order until it arrives;
l timely adjust production plans to ensure the delivery of major projects, for possible problems and timely feedback;
l do order review, pre-production and production proofing arrangements, confirmed that the production of all aspects of the progress of material supply, technology organizations;
l Work Order and personnel statistics;
l Production ERP systems use an auxiliary program of work, to ensure the rational normal system operation, the application of ERP systems to innovate and maintain.
Job requirements
l tertiary and higher education l machinery, production management and other related professional l more than three years of work experience in the mechanical industry, able to read mechanical drawings l Familiar machining (cutting, grinding) process l Familiar with ERP operating system, excellent computer skills l Excellent English listening and speaking ability, the work required to speak English
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